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Vol 51, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


Histological and Histochemical Features of the Lingual Glands of Hybrid and Philippine Native Pigs Sus scrofa domesticus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Artiodactyla: Suidae) PDF
Ceferino P. Maala, Aron Roy C. Hisole
Immunohistochemical Detection of Serotonin in the Stomach of the Domestic Cat (Felis catus L.) (Carnivora: Felidae) PDF
Rizza Mae L. Labadan, Melanie Anne M. Atienza, Juan Carlos C. Dimayuga, Rodel Jonathan S. Vitor II
Ultrasonographic Features of Some Visceral Organs of the Philippine Brown Deer, Rusa marianna (Desmarest, 1822) (Cetartiodactyla: Cervidae) PDF
Jose M. Obedencio Jr., Jezie A. Acorda
Ultrasound Features of the Liver, Gallbladder and Spleen of Male and Female Monitor Lizards (Varanus marmoratus Weigmann, 1834) (Reptilia: Varanidae) PDF
Jason C. Gangan, Emilia A. Lastica, Jezie A. Acorda
Isolation and Detection of Campylobacter jejuni from Ceca of Dressed Chickens of Commercial and Smallhold Raisers by Polymerase Chain Reaction PDF
Loinda R. Baldrias, Susan A. Sedano, Manuel M. Garcia, Asuncion K. Raymundo
Rallicola Johnston and Harrison 1911 and Eulaemobothrion Ewing 1929 Species (Mallophaga) Found on Some Philippine Rallidae (Aves: Gruiformes) with Description of a New Species PDF
Salcedo L. Eduardo
Animal Rabies Patterns in Central Luzon, Philippines and Implications for Disease Control PDF
Ronnie D. Domingo, Milagros R. Mananggit

Research Note

Genetic Testing for Porcine Stress Syndrome Using Mutagenically Separated-Polymerase Chain Reaction PDF
Jessica G. Manalaysay, Claro N. Mingala, Domina Flor L. Gamboa, Rubigilda Paraguison- Alili, Jocelyn G. Rafanan
Expression of Androgen Receptors in Ruptured Canine Anterior Cruciate Ligament PDF
Hideki Ohno Ohno, Ryoko Ohmomo, Shunsuke Goto, Masao Owaki Owaki, Ken-ichiro Mutoh, Toshifumi Oyamada, Kazuki Yoshioka

Case Report

Generalized Alopecia in a Murrah Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Calf PDF
Pankaj Kumar, Amitav Dey Dey, Sanjiv Kumar, Shanker Dayal, Neeraj Kumar

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